The History

The Rhapsody in Blue we know today is not the original that premiered in 1924. Under a very tight deadline, George Gershwin had less than six weeks to compose the piece. Writing quickly and inspired by the rhythmic sounds of a train, Rhapsody in Blue was born. Its debut was an absolute sensation! Rhapsody was the first piece to blend jazz and classical music creating a uniquely American sound. The piece has been published in several versions over the years, and the music has been arranged, altered, and modified for groups of various sizes. Today, few performances accurately present the music as it was heard on that first fateful night.

The Performance

The Adrian Symphony Orchestra is honored to be selected as the first orchestra to record the reconstructed, original Rhapsody in Blue as heard that electric night in 1924. Now sit back and enjoy the world premiere recording of the original, reconstructed Rhapsody in Blue.